XXX 46

XXX 46

Location: Musei Civici Palazzo Toschi Mosca
Orario: 21,00 – 23,00 | Ingresso libero
Curatore: Erick Tapia – CODEC
Paese: Messico


Mauricio Sáenz


4’56 min – 2014


Storm” explores the idea of the energy contained symbolically in environments that looming abandonment and emptiness. Through the triggering factor represented by an integrated spaces in decay empty white box seeks resignify symbolic of these and con gure the rectangular object as an element that strengthens and builds , that comes to life metaphorically within a bleak picture. In addition, the inclusion of the idea of water as the giver of life joins the concept of the energy contained within the box situating it as a catalyst that reverses the impossibility impregnated buildings in ruins. The liquid element is in the form of storm as an indicator of the strength that emerges inside the white container and stands visible and invisible architectures giving evidence of the load that can possess unnoticed.

Adán Salvatierra (Messico)


6’07 min – 2014-2015


Starting from narcolepsy and hypnagogic and hypnopompic images, experiment with bodily action , chance and wandering as an aesthetic possibility. The actions are done according to my requests, seeking to push the boundaries of their physical to a body that does not belong to me capabilities, where they are captured images and sounds according to my instincts Narké is a propose as a catalyst for action.



Communication and visual media bachelor, videoartist, cultural manager, interested in audiovisual through exploring different formats from analog to digital. He has worked at lm festivals in different positions in México. His videos has been exhibited nationally and abroad. Currently he is founder and General Director of CODEC Festival de Vídeo y Creaciones Sonoras.